NAVIGATOR 5000 l 36 m DDZ

Jeppe JørgensenTrailed

Using intelligent solutions to reduce environmental impacts and offering easier and safer operation for the driver

To reduce the environmental impact as much as possible by increasing the application precision significantly and make the operation of the sprayer easier and safer for the driver, the NAVIGATOR “i” machines offers you the best intelligent spraying features.

General info:

Sprayer Category: Trailed

Location: Denmark

Model Year:

Production Year:

Sales Date:

Tank Size: 5000

Hectares Sprayed:

Price: € 59.000

Serial Number: 0013000081

Item Number: 85012500



Total Boom Width: 36 m

Boom Sections: 11

Boom management:

Sprayline: Steel

Nozzle Holder: Snap-fit Triplet

Extra Functions: ["AntiYaw"," Boom Lights"]

Fluid System:

Pump Type: 464 (540 RPM)

Fluid System: EFC

Boom Cirulation: BoomPrime

Extra functions: ["DynamicFluid4"]

Chassis, Suspension & Tyres

Tyres: 20,8-520/85R42

Mudguards: Large

Tracking System: IntelliTrack

Suspension: SmoothRide

Axle System:

Axle Width:

Extra functions: ["ChemLocker"]

Electronics & Controller:

Controller Type: [" HARDI ISOBUS"," HC 9600"]

Extra Functions:


Nozzle type:

Important Information:

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