Jeppe JørgensenTrailed

Unequalled performance in rough conditions

The 18-30 m EAGLE boom is designed for heavy-duty use under the most demanding conditions and minimum service. The boom is well-known around the world for its performance under the hardest conditions. The EAGLE boom is suspended on two large coil springs with shock absorbers. The horizontal movements are controlled by a heavy-duty trapeze system that allows spraying and turning at very high working speeds.

General info:

Sprayer Category: Trailed

Location: Denmark

Model Year:

Production Year: 2023

Sales Date:

Tank Size: 5000

Hectares Sprayed:

Price: € 54.000

Serial Number: UKHSP013XN0003888

Item Number: 85014500


Boom Type: EAGLE

Total Boom Width: 30 m

Boom Sections: 9

Boom management:


Nozzle Holder: Snap-fit Triplet

Extra Functions:

Fluid System:

Pump Type: 464 (540 RPM)

Fluid System: EFC

Boom Cirulation:

Extra functions: ["DynamicFluid4"," TurboFiller"]

Chassis, Suspension & Tyres

Tyres: None

Mudguards: Large

Tracking System:

Suspension: SmoothRide

Axle System: Adjustable Axle

Axle Width: 1.8-2.25

Extra functions:

Electronics & Controller:

Controller Type: [" HARDI ISOBUS"]

Extra Functions:


Nozzle type: [" FLAT FAN"]

Important Information:

The shown model may contain additional equipment

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