MEGA 1500

Christoffer BøgemoseLiftmounted

Easy operation – Full performance

Spray faster and carry more liquid. The MEGA sets new standards for lift-mounted sprayers. With its sleek and modern design and unparallelled comfort for the driver, we have designed a machine that will keep you spraying all day.

Minimum downtime
With the introduction of the SmartCom digital platform, we are not only offering you a fully ISOBUS-controlled sprayer, but also a minimum of downtime. Through diagnostics, our service team can assess the health of your machine to get you up and running quickly. The platform also supports the liquid system, thereby allowing faster spraying speeds with higher volume rates.

Superb comfort 
When in the field, the AirRide suspension will reduce shock loads on the machine, resulting in a more stable boom and higher comfort for the driver.

General info:

Sprayer Category: Liftmounted

Location: Finland

Model Year:

Production Year: 2019

Sales Date:

Tank Size: 1500

Hectares Sprayed:

Price: 27.000€

Serial Number:

Item Number:


Boom Type: VPZ

Total Boom Width: 21 m

Boom Sections: 7

Boom management:

Sprayline: Synthetic

Nozzle Holder: Snap-fit Triplet

Extra Functions:

Fluid System:

Pump Type: 464 (540 RPM)

Fluid System: EFC

Boom Cirulation:

Extra functions: ["DynamicFluid4"]

Chassis, Suspension & Tyres



Tracking System:


Axle System:

Axle Width:

Extra functions:

Electronics & Controller:

Controller Type: [" HARDI ISOBUS"]

Extra Functions:


Nozzle type: [" MINIDRIFT DUO"]

Important Information:

Kept in inside warehouse the whole time.

- Road safety kit, standard
- 5 m hose for Filling and pressure empty
- TankGauge
- InLine filter 80 mesh incl. bracket
- Manoeuvring wheel Kit w. 4 wheels

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