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The intelligent field sprayer

Farming practices are constantly changing. Farmers are met with a daily challenge to improve capacity and reduce operating costs. To help you to meet this challenge HARDI has developed the COMMANDER trailed field sprayers.

With the sprayer being the no. 1 used farm equipment - the COMMANDER is designed to meet the demands of the modern professional farmer world-wide - by saving chemicals, reducing driver stress and reducing the environmental impact.

This generation of sprayers is designed to lead the way in capacity, reliability, safety, optimization, ease of operation and precision.

The COMMANDER is a high-end performer designed for continuous use by demanding operators. An example of the functional design is the logical layout of the left-hand side of the sprayer, where all primary operations are located.

General info:

Sprayer Category: Trailed

Location: Poland

Model Year: 2021

Production Year:

Sales Date: Available

Tank Size: 4500

Hectares Sprayed:

Price: € 132.403

Serial Number: UKHHA012XL0001199

Item Number: 85014000


Boom Type:

Total Boom Width: 24 m

Boom Sections: 9

Boom management:


Nozzle Holder: Snap-fit Triplet

Extra Functions:

Fluid System:

Pump Type: 364 (540 RPM)

Fluid System:

Boom Cirulation:

Extra functions:

Chassis, Suspension & Tyres

Tyres: 18,4-460/85R38

Mudguards: Large

Tracking System: SafeTrack


Axle System: Adjustable Axle

Axle Width: 1,8-2,25

Extra functions:

Electronics & Controller:

Controller Type: [" HC 9700"]

Extra Functions: [" GPS"]


Nozzle type: [" MINIDRIFT"]

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